Burkhart enjoyed his vices, chain smoking being one of them. From the Short North Gazette.

A Play in Two Acts
by Doral Chenoweth

Directed by Barbara Sichel
December 11, 1970
Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts Theatre

Material for this production script was taken from magnetic tapes recorded by Mr. Chenoweth over the years preceeding the death of Mr. Burkhart on November 12, 1969.

(The original manuscript is filed with alI rights reserved with Writers GuiId of America, West, by the author. No part of this script may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the copyright owner.)

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Kuehn's Voice on Tape;

When Burkhart died, they called me. They wanted to know if we wouId allow a memoriaI service in the Gallery ... The Director was away, but I said I thought they would. So this close-knit group of friends of his got together, and each one did what he considered most appropriate for the occasion;

Burkhart's Fragmentary History of the Iron Age. From the Short North Gazette.
from a letter; a poem;.....did such-and-such.....It was the only way they could think of to pay a tribute to ....

(Voice fades out; EB's voice fades in with "I, Emerson Burkhart ..." Lights come up on tableau UL. The painting on the cover of the catalog is being projected on a screen and the actor costumed exactly as the artist in the portrait, is standing before an easel on which the nude sketch is in process..... The taped voice dies, the actor turns out, and in so doing creates an exact but live reproduction of the self-portrait which is now above and behind him. He methodically lays down his palette and wipes his brushes as he repeats: "I, Emerson Burkhart..." He then DC to a high stool on which he perches rather than sits, full out. He smiles and addresses the audience directly...

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