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The last painting, the last words of a man, the last... are more important than the first words. Ma Ma, Da Da. You are influenced by other writers, and in the end you've eaten up these influences...and you have become yourself. This is the path in which one would like to think of himself. In Hemingway's case, it is not true. The last story that he wrote for LIFE magazine dealing with bullfighting was very superficial and it wasn't written with love.

(Turns and sweeps his hand across two of his paintings.) Take this example. Say this is the first painting I ever did. When I did it, it was with love. It was the best thing I ever did. But hell, that was forth fifty years ago, I forget. Whenever, it was done with love. I'm sure that when Hemingway wrote Men Without Women, It was with love. (I go so far back I can remember when Hemingway was writing for some newspaper...St. Louis, I think. He covered crimes and wars and anything that came along.) But In those days he wrote with love.

My first painting was done with love. Hemingway knew love. But he was packaged and sold and polished and propped up so often that he finally just started writing like a machine...like silk- screening the stuff. His last piece out of Spain was done for money, not love. My last painting out of Spain was done with love.

(Picks up a new, blank canvas.)

Here's the one I'll do in the morning. It will be done with love.

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