Script Page 6 by giving this vast collection of masterpieces... the last Supper by Dali was included.

Well, this is just about the way the colored race is treated about equality. They make rules to break 'em. It was right about this time that I decided on one thing for sure ... no more rules for me. I got me a slogan.

Rules are made for when brains run out.

But, people don't generally know that...

This is a country that builds all these big beautiful buildings for statues...what I don't see is anyone making a statue.

We have had in our past the Whitneys, the Vanderbilts, the Rocky-Fellers, J.P. Morgan, between them they had enough money to buy all the culture over there...but they didn't know what it was!

John Ringling...Sarasota, Florida, once offered three or four million dollars for the Da-Ve...that's the statue of David ... I call It David by Mickel-Angelo. Wouldn't give a nickel for that statue.

(The nickel's my value, not John Ringling's.)

Of course this Gallery here paid me...I think it was $1,700 for "Man." Think that was it. Then they paid $45,000 for a Cezanne... hell, I'm a lot more valuable here than Cezanne...the day I die that painting is gonna be worth at least $3,000. But it'll be a hell of a long time before Cezanne will be worth $90, I say I'm better than least down here along East Broad St.



(EB is mad at the slap-dash-daub school of painters.)

I was walking down this street in Paris with Karl...I think we were looking for girls...but this is what makes Paris so attractive to me. I go over there to look at girls and what I really see is art. If there is anyplace in the world today that hits you in the face with paintings, it really is Paris, France.

Art history in France is really big...but, hell, it wasn't done by Frenchmen. It was done by the Italians. They're the ones who really brought painting culture to France...the Frenchman, he just sat around there...sipped his wine and said bright things... because the American and British reporters like you went over all wrote about painting in France...hell, not one of you knew who the hell painted the thing.

You go there right today and it's gawddamned hard to find a Frenchman who can paint. Gawddamned hard to find one of those Left Bank artists who can speak French. They're all from Birmingham, Alabama...or Birmingham, England.

Christ...the two greatest French painters today are Dali and Picasso...two Spaniards. They just do their thing...quietly...

In Spain or Portugal...Slip It back across the border where they know how to git publicity...and all of a sudden you hear about it as a "great French painting."

Picasso doesn't court publicity. It just hits him in the face...He's the only guy I know who can have a good time painting and still be at a stage in life when he can count back and number about six wives...not the holy wedlock kinda wife, but the kind who just came for a visit and stayed a few years... you wonder why I never lock my'd be surprised at what walks in that front door. Hell, I marry everyone of 'em. (Giggles)

Picasso does have one knack I don't have: when he shacks up for eight or ten years, the gal writes a best-seller about it.

Makes him look like Errol Flynn.

I just gotta find me one that can write.

Picasso is a fantastic worker...and he loves with enthusiasm. He works at anything he cares to work on...and he is a kind of sincere, blunt person who says, "I don't know why other people git so excited about what I'm doing...I'm a having fun." Maybe I don't like his paintings as good as I do my own... but that is the words of a true artist. He's having a ball of fun at it...and that's what art is.

It's seeing with your own eyes...if you wanna paint with

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